"With operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, our solution offerings have grown significantly and become diversified to address current market needs and advances in wired and wireless connectivity technology."-Jeff Fourman, Vice Chairman


To be successful, Lastar strongly aligns to our Mission, Vision, and Values which provides the guidance that enables us to work together cohesively across all areas of the company in order to meet and exceed our objectives.

With seven locations in the US, Asia and the UK, and over 900 associates, Lastar offers exciting career opportunities across the globe spanning virtually all disciplines of business including: Sales, Marketing, Product/Technical Support, Finance/Accounting, Purchasing, Information Technology, Operations/Logistics, Production/Manufacturing, Human Resources, Product Engineering, and Web/Creative Design.

See why Dayton, where our Intergalactic Headquarters and Dayton Park Drive locations can be found, is known as "The Gem City." It's no wonder why CareerBliss discovered Dayton is among the best job markets and Forbes found Daytonian employees rank as happiest in the nation. Dayton was also named among the top 10 smaller cities for college graduates to begin their career in.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our interactions and are present in every aspect of our business. By acting with integrity and honesty, and doing what we say we'll do, Lastar provides an extraordinary experience not only to our customers, but also to our employees. We offer programs such as Business Leadership Council for our emerging leaders, mentoring, tuition reimbursement, and leadership and organizational development to help our associates grow and rise to new challenges.

Provide an Extraordinary Customer Experience

"Providing an extraordinary customer experience means to go above and beyond the definition of just a job. To have the customer know that no matter how small the problem is, they are always number one. You do this not because you have to, but because you want to, and have the passion to do so."
- Thomas S., Tech Support

Seek to Innovate

"Continuously looking for ways to share your creative thoughts and opinions regarding products, processes, or other improvements you see that make sense to you, regardless of how crazy or how much work they seem to be."
– Nick F., Marketing

Act with Integrity and Honesty

"It comes down to being completely open and honest and letting co-workers and clients know what can be accomplished or finding solutions to meet and exceed their needs. It's about coming to work with the passion and willingness to make a difference and knowing that you are working with people who share the same enjoyment. In my role this is very important, as it is what sets us apart from the competition and makes us who we are."
- Josh B., Creative

Communicate Openly

"Communicate openly means to me that I can feel free to bring up the good and the bad to management and other employees with the confidence that they'll listen with an open mind."
- Donna C., Credit

Do What You Say You'll Do

"To be upfront and honest about what you currently know and what needs to be accomplished."
- Alan V., Marketing

Be A Great Teammate and Citizen

"I would define being a great teammate and citizen as going out of your way to assist people. Knowing that the people that I work with value work getting done as much as I do is one reason why I like working at Lastar."
- Keith H., Product Manager

Pursue Continuous Improvement and Lifelong Learning

"Always strive to perfect your role.You have to be open to learning and committed to being the best that you can in whatever your particular role is. Go that extra mile, improve your abilities, and soak up all the learning opportunities you can."
- Christie B., Operations

Fostering a Challenging and Rewarding Work Environment

"Communicating with my co-workers… listening to their needs and understanding the incentives needed to make employees strive to learn and grow with the company."
- Jackie P., Product Technician


"We strive to create an environment where employees see Lastar as not just a job but as a lifestyle - with great people who enjoy working together and are recognized for their success."
- Bill Diederich, President and Chief Executive Officer

We Never Stop Learning

Our investment in people is a priority, and we realize that development and training programs provide the tools that are key to our success. Whether it is technical, product, functional, leadership skills, tuition reimbursement, or involvement in local business organizations - Lastar provides opportunities to get involved, while developing the critical skills needed for career advancement.

We Recognize a Job Well Done

Lastar offers a challenging work environment, and we make a point to celebrate our successes. Recognizing the extraordinary efforts of our employees is important to us - which is why we believe in celebrating the successes that are a result of our hard work.

We Want to Make a Difference

Lastar's commitment to being good teammates and citizens is not just internal. We are involved in the communities in which we work and live. Each facility selects local organizations and charities to support, and shares in the satisfaction of making a difference.